Stepmother attempts to remove her stepson from the home, unaware that she would soon be without a place to live herself

After a long day, college student Marcus returns home only to be blindsided—his stepmother demands he move out within three days to prepare for a new baby. Faced with fear and anger, Marcus confronts his family and uncovers hidden secrets that redefine his place in their lives.

Marcus returned home from his part-time job, feeling drained. He was 19 and still in college, juggling classes during the day and working at a local video game store in the evenings.

Every night, he stayed up late to finish his schoolwork, struggling to keep up with his studies.

Marcus hadn’t planned on working until after graduation since it wasn’t necessary. His father, Tom, earned enough to support him, but his stepmother, Karen, insisted that he get a job.
She claimed it was to teach him responsibility, but Marcus knew the truth—Karen just wanted him out of the house more. His father believed Karen and pressured him into getting a part-time job, leaving him no choice.

As Marcus stepped into the house, he hoped for a moment of peace. Instead, Karen immediately confronted him at the door.

“Why are you so late? Did you forget you were supposed to clean today?” Karen’s voice cut through the air.

Marcus sighed, feeling the weight of the day. “I had a tough day and I’m tired. I’ll clean tomorrow.”

Karen’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean tomorrow? You have responsibilities, and you need to follow through with them.”

Marcus clenched his fists, frustration bubbling up. “You’re home all day. Is it really that hard to clean?”

Karen’s face turned red. “How dare you speak to me like that!”

The noise drew his father into the room. “What’s going on here?” Tom asked, looking between Marcus and Karen.

“Marcus refuses to clean,” Karen said, crossing her arms.

“I’m not refusing. I just said I’ll clean tomorrow. I’m tired today,” Marcus explained, trying to keep his voice steady.

His father looked at Karen. “See, Karen, he’ll clean tomorrow.”

Marcus was relieved but exhausted. He turned to go to his room, wanting nothing more than to collapse onto his bed.

“Don’t go anywhere tonight; we have important news,” his father called after him.

Marcus nodded, too drained to argue. He went to his room, threw himself onto his bed, and stared at the ceiling, wondering what the “important news” could be.

Marcus napped for about an hour before his father woke him up, gently shaking his shoulder. “Come downstairs, son. We need to talk.”

Rubbing his eyes, Marcus got up and made his way to the kitchen. They had set a small table for him with a plate of leftovers since they had eaten dinner while he was at work.

He sat down and started serving himself some food, feeling the gnawing hunger in his stomach. As he began to eat, he noticed his father and Karen watching him closely, their eyes following his every move. The air felt thick with anticipation.

“What?” Marcus asked, looking from his father to Karen, confusion clouding his face.

His father smiled broadly. “We have important news for you,” he said, glancing at Karen, who also flashed a faint smile.

Marcus continued eating, his eyes darting between them as he tried to read their expressions. “So, what’s the news?” he asked, feeling a mix of curiosity and unease.

Tom and Karen exchanged a quick glance before announcing in unison, “We’re pregnant!”

Startled, Marcus choked on his food, coughing and quickly reaching for his water. “Congratulations… I guess.” He forced a smile.

His father’s eyes shone with joy. “Thank you! We’re thrilled!”

Marcus saw the happiness on his father’s face, but Karen’s stern look made him uneasy. “Right,” his father said, his tone shifting. “We’ve been thinking… and I don’t know how to say this… but we’ve decided…”

“You need to move out,” Karen interrupted, her voice cold and firm.

Marcus’s eyes widened in shock. “What? Dad, what is she talking about?” He turned to his father, seeking reassurance.

Karen crossed her arms. “I want to prepare the house for the baby, do some renovations, and you’ll just be in the way,” she said, her words cutting deep.

Marcus protested. “But where will I go? This is my home too,” feeling a mix of anger and disbelief.

“Tom, say something,” Karen urged.

Tom sighed, looking conflicted. “But he has a point; maybe he should stay, at least while he’s in school.”

“We’ve already discussed this,” Karen hissed, her eyes flashing with irritation.

Tom looked at Marcus, then back at Karen. “Alright, Marcus, you need to move out,” he said, sounding defeated.

“But I can’t afford a place. I work part-time and study. I don’t even know if I’ll have enough money to rent a room!” Marcus said angrily, his voice rising.

“You’re 19, you’re an adult now, and you need to learn to live on your own,” Karen said, her tone unyielding.

“She’s right, this is your chance to start your adult life,” his father added, though he didn’t seem convinced.

“Go to hell!” Marcus shouted, standing abruptly. He stormed off to his room, slamming the door behind him, anger and betrayal coursing through him.

That evening, he lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to process everything. Then he heard muffled voices coming from the living room. Curious, he got up and pressed his ear against the door.

His father’s voice was calm but unsure. “Maybe Marcus should stay, at least while he’s in school,” he suggested.

“No, Tom. He has to go.” Karen’s voice was sharp and insistent. “He’ll only be a burden. We need space for the baby.”

Marcus felt a knot in his stomach. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After a while, there was a knock on his door. Karen entered, her face set in a stern expression.

“We talked and decided that you need to move out in three days,” she said, her tone leaving no room for argument.

“Three days?! Are you crazy?! How am I supposed to find a place in three days?” Marcus shouted, his frustration boiling over.

“Not my problem. And don’t you dare speak to me like that again,” Karen said coldly before leaving the room.

Marcus sat down on his bed, feeling desperate and alone, unsure of what to do next.

He knew talking to his father was pointless since he always sided with Karen. He had no close relatives to turn to for help.

Marcus couldn’t understand why Karen hated him so much. He had always treated her well and helped around the house. His mother had left him when he was just three years old, so he was happy when his father first brought Karen home.

He thought she would bring some happiness and stability to their lives. But now he realized it was never mutual. Karen never liked him.

Marcus looked for rooms to rent, but no one wanted to rent to a student with a part-time job. Every listing he called ended in rejection.

He couldn’t stay with friends either since they all still lived with their parents. He felt trapped and desperate, not knowing what to do next.

In his darkest moment, he remembered his Aunt Rose, his late grandmother’s sister, who was also his godmother. She lived far away, but he had no other option. He picked up the phone and dialed her number, his hands shaking.

“Hello, Aunt Rose? It’s Marcus,” he said, his voice trembling.

“Marcus, dear, what’s wrong?” Rose asked, sensing his distress.

He told her everything—how Karen and his father were forcing him to move out, how he couldn’t find a place to stay, and how desperate he felt.

Rose listened quietly, then said in a calm, firm voice, “Do nothing. I’ll be there soon. I will take the first available flight.”

Marcus felt a wave of relief wash over him. He didn’t know how his Aunt Rose would help, but just knowing that someone cared gave him hope.

He sat near his bed, waiting and wondering what would happen next, grateful for the first time in days. The uncertainty of his future still loomed over him, but he now had a glimmer of hope.

The next day, Rose arrived. Marcus had never seen her so angry. She marched into the house, her face set in a fierce expression, and called everyone into the living room. Marcus, his father, and Karen all sat down on the couch, nervously glancing at each other.

“What are you thinking, trying to kick a child out of his home?” Rose yelled, her voice shaking with fury.

Karen crossed her arms and glared back. “He’s 19, he’s not a child,” she snapped.

Rose’s eyes narrowed. “He’s still in school, and no one asked for your opinion. I have plenty to say about you too,” she shot back.

“Rose, what’s going on?” Marcus’s father, Tom, asked, looking bewildered.

Rose took a deep breath. “Here’s what: you have no right to kick Marcus out of this house because it’s his house,” she said firmly.

Marcus’s eyes widened in shock. He couldn’t understand how this could be possible.

Karen laughed, a harsh sound. “That’s impossible,” she said dismissively.

Rose shook her head. “It’s very possible. My late sister saw through your scheming ways and understood you would try to use her son, so right before she died, she amended her will and transferred the house to Marcus to prevent exactly what’s happening now,” she explained.

Marcus felt a mix of emotions. His grandmother had looked out for him even after her death, but the revelation left him stunned.

Tom looked confused and upset. “Why am I hearing this for the first time?” he asked, his voice shaky.

“She asked me to keep it a secret unless a critical situation arose, and this is such a situation,” Rose replied.

Karen’s face turned red with anger. “This is our house! Not Marcus’s!” she screamed.

“No, it’s Marcus’s house. Since he turned 18,” Rose said calmly.

“This is unfair! It’s wrong!” Karen continued to scream, her voice growing louder.

Rose raised an eyebrow. “I’m curious about what you consider wrong,” she said. “Drinking wine with a friend when you’re supposedly pregnant?”

Karen’s face went pale. “What? How did you…?” she stammered.

“I saw you this morning, at the cafe,” Rose said simply.

Tom turned to Karen, his face a mix of shock and hurt. “Is that true? Is that how you treat our future child?” he asked.

Karen looked desperate. “There is no baby!” she blurted out, then covered her mouth as she realized what she had just said.

“You lied to me?” Tom asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Karen tried to recover. “I just wanted Marcus to move out! But we could still have a baby,” she pleaded.

“No. Right now, you’re going to pack your things and leave,” Tom said, his voice firm and final.

“But…” Karen tried to protest, tears streaming down her face.

“Now!” he shouted, his patience gone.

In tears, Karen went to the bedroom to pack her things. Marcus watched her go, feeling a strange mix of relief and sadness.

His father turned to him, his eyes full of regret. “I’m sorry you had to go through all this. I don’t know what came over me,” he said.

Marcus shook his head. “It’s okay,” he replied, though he knew it wasn’t entirely true.

“No, it’s not. But we’ll be alright. From now on, I will always put you first,” his father said, pulling him into a hug.

Marcus hugged him back, feeling truly loved for the first time in a long while. As they held each other, he felt a sense of relief and warmth that he hadn’t felt in years.

He realized that, despite everything, his father did care about him. This moment of genuine connection made him hopeful that things could get better.

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